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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"News" Sources Should Not Publish Photos

When "news sources" publish photos of the work of a graffiti artist, you might as well send then a direct invitation for more.

The graffiti writer who's name I'm withholding had this to say about the recent publicity his work had gotten.

"When I went to get a photo of this it had already been removed (grrr). But getting it in the paper makes up for it."

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Style Wars - Documentary on Graffiti

"Style Wars" — 1 hour 10 minutes (but worth the view)
A documentary of New York graffiti circa 1983. Presented by Tony Silver & Henry Chalfant. A production of (c) 1983 Public Art Films Inc. (a non-proffit organization), all rights reserved.

A bit old school but still the mentality of a graffiti artist is still valid. This documentary from 1983 gets into the minds of graffiti writers and is able to capture the culture and nature of graffiti artists directly from the writers themselves. Appearing in the film is the still active Godfather of Graffiti "Seen" (course he had a few less grays then).

Take special note of the bomber named "Kap" in the film. Salisbury residents should be able to find his likeness in our own local bombers "Slak" & "Trees". Considered true "toys" in the culture where even the graffiti writers hate them.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet the Graffiti Artist

Alot of people run around claiming that graffiti is gang motivated and is tied in with drugs and street violence. Well, I am here to introduce you to the average artist that contribute to todays modern graffiti culture.
Look at how scary and "Gangsta" all these hoodlem druggies are.